A Peccatis is the third novel in Thanfiction's DAYDverse trilogy and is currently a work in progress. A Peccatis (also known as "AP"), follows the political turmoil in the Wizarding World ten years after Voldemort's defeat. After a long hiatus from AP, Thanfiction has resumed the story.


The StoryEdit

The prologue to AP is following the events of Operation Alexandria.

Someone is sending Harry and Neville part of Dumbledore's diary... but the real Dumbledore's diary was hidden by the four seventh year boys of Ravenclaw, and the copy was thought to be destroyed during the Battle of Hogwarts. The morning after Neville and Harry talked to Gran she is found dead. Then Rita Skeeter, the Longbottoms, and Hestia Jones... the question is, who's doing it?

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