Cecily Macmillan

Art by thanfiction, copyright held by ceirdwenfc

Cecily Harriet Macmillan, known as the "DA Princess" is the only daughter of the late Ernie Macmillan, with Susan Macmillan (nee Bones). She was born 4 September 1998, and lives at Loch Cibeirdraoid, in the Highlands of Scotland, her father's property.

Her father looks over her as a ghost, tethered to her. She could see him when she was younger, but as she grew older she couldn't.

Her mother is now married to Seamus Finnigan (making him her step-father), and they have a child, who is her half-brother, Thomas Icarus Finnigan.

Cecily marries Neville Cedric Smith.

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