Fritz Sigmund Bagman
Fritz bagman
Year (1997-98)
Drill Sergeant of DA
Date of Birth
28 August 1982
Place of Birth
Date of Death
Dark Blonde

Love Interests
First Appearance

Fritz Bagman was a fifth year during Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness, and he was the Drill Sergeant for DA. Fritz wanted to be a beater for the Wasps, and had trained his whole life to do so. Even during his fifth year he practiced in the Room of Requirement with Rowan when, Snape cancelled Quidditch. During their practice Fritz thought he developed a crush on Rowan. Fritz wanted Voldemort dead because he couldn't forget Cedric's death.

During the Battle of Hogwarts Fritz brought in Devil's Snare. And he brought his bat with him and he used his wand and flung pieces of the wreckage at Death Eater's heads. He killed eight for sure, and might have gotten another three. Then his hands got lit on fire, it was a cursed blue fire and it couldn't be put out by Aguamenti (Seamus had tried, but in the end he had to stomp them out). They had to cut his hands off since it was cursed, but Fritz still wanted to play pro.

First AppearanceEdit

A blonde, freckle-faced Hufflepuff who seemed vaguely familiar but whom Neville couldn’t quite place was the next to rise. “Fritz Bagman. My Dad was a Beater for the Wasps, and I’ve been training for pro most of my life. I could give a few pointers on good old-fashioned brawling if we lose our wands, how to take hits, physical conditioning --” he gave a good-natured shrug, “or whatever.”