Icarus Ganymede Utterson
Icarus Utterson
Year (1997-98)

Place of Birth
Date of Death
30 April 2003
Dark Brown

Love Interests
Robin, boyfriend

Icarus was a fifth year during the Battle of Hogwarts and Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness. When Icarus first showed magic, when he was 5, he nearly killed his brother.

He did not want to go back to school for fifth year, because he had figured out what it would be like, but attendance was mandatory so he was forced to go. He was partnered with Oisin Leary during the battle, and he survived the Battle of Hogwarts. Icarus hated returning to Hogwarts after the Battle, for his sixth year, but his parents made him. He had random panic attacks and would sob until he puked at random times. By Christmas holidays, when he went back home, he barely weighed 100 pounds and he hadn't slept properly the entire time at school. His parents didn't make him go back after that.

During Sluagh, Icarus had taken Seamus Finnigan in, and had accidently gave Seamus the idea to become the Sluagh, to fight the Diabhl Dubh. Icarus died during Sluagh.

Icarus was bisexual, something he made sure never to tell Seamus while Seamus was living with him, but up to the time of his death he had a relationship with the library's assistant, Robin. Thanfiction describes their relationship as "They chatted, hung out, watched movies, went to dinner, occasionally had sex... all in a deliberately shallow unspoken agreement that there were no elephants, certainly not in the middle of the room. They cared aboout each other as deeplyas you can care about someone with whom you deliberately have no actual intimacy, if that makes any sense at all."