Stewart Edward Ackerley
Stewart rough color by thanfiction
Year (1997-98)
Date of Birth
19 February 1981
Place of Birth
Date of Death
2 May 1998
Dirty Blond

Love Interests
Jennifer Lindsey, ex-girlfriend

Stewart Ackerley was a sixth year Ravenclaw during Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness.

Stew naturally has dishwater blond hair, but lightened it to a honey blond because he thought it looked better. He had grown his hair halfway down his back.



Stewart's whole family was musical; his grandmother was a concert violinist, his father the lead guitarist and vocalist for the band Burnt Potions, and his mother was a backup singer at Sonorus Records (so her voice can be heard on around half the number-one hits played on WWN).

Early LifeEdit

When Stewart was three he summoned his father's guitar to himself which had been put on a high shelf out of his reach. This was Stewart's first sign of magic. When he was four his father had given him his own guitar, shrunk to be Stewart's size. By eight he could play bass, drums, piano, and working on the violin.

Sixth YearEdit

He was going to write an album using inspiration from being a member of DA. When he fled to the Room of Requirement he had to leave his guitar but while in there Neville made a Xavier Burton Troubadour Signature Series appear for Stewart to use, though he wouldn't be able to take it out of the Room. Stew would play music for the DA while they were stuck in the room.

Wasted Potential

Wasted Potential by thanfiction

He commited suicide (by shoving his wand into the back of his throat and thinking "Reducto!", which also happened to be the name of a band) during the Battle of Hogwarts, because he had injured his knee and couldn't walk back to the castle so Kingsley and Parvati had to leave him, and when a werewolve came at him he killed himself rather then being ripped to shreds by a werewolf.


Stewart once sang the role of Anthony in a workshopped version of Sweeney Todd in front of Stephen Sondheim, and considered it the high point of his career.