Tiresius Wolfric Boot
Terry portrait
Year (1997-98)
Date of Birth
9 December 1979
Place of Birth
Date of Death
2 May 1998
Dark Blonde
Hector and Ismene Boot, parents

First Appearance

Tiresius "Terry" Boot is a seventh year Ravenclaw in Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness. He was the second lieutenant to Luna Lovegood, and when she was kidnapped off the train over Christmas break Terry became Lieutenant of Ravenclaw. He made Michael Corner his second.


Early LifeEdit

Terry was an accident. His parents hadn't had children for the first seventeen years of their marriage. But then they had Terry. His mother only missed a month of work when having Terry. They would leave him home by himself until he was six (the youngest you can be to enter) when he went to magical boarding school.


Terry had all seven Standard Books of Spells memorized, 86 supplemental and complimentary texts in the library and four from the restricted section memorised. Terry had made his first spell when he was 9 (which was a variant of Nox).

Michael CornerEdit


Terry tries to kill Mike, Mercy by thanfiction

He was best friends with Michael Corner. They were constantly in a Legilimency together. Terry and Michael had matching tattoos around their upper right arm which reads "l'amitie de la connaissane". When Mike was called out of school (for the investigation surrounding Mike's father's death) Terry heard Mike's thoughts of suicide and illegally apparated to Mike and stayed with him.

Seventh YearEdit

Terry was Luna's second, and when she was taken he became Lieutenant of Ravenclaw. When Mike was being tortured Terry tried to kill Mike since Mike was in so much pain and Terry could hear Mike's mind unraveling. Terry couldn't, since he couldn't muster pure hatred against Mike, but it did knock Mike out.

Terry died in the Battle of Hogwarts.


Terry had a eidetic (or photographic) memory.

Terry attended the Yule Ball with Lisa Turpin.

In fifth year Terry was addicted to calming draughts, but Mike helped him stop the first week after school got out. However, he relapsed in seventh year after Ernie and Neville's flogging.

Terry is terribly allergic to shrimp.