Whose Fic is it Anyway: Snapshot Collection I is a collection of short stories thanfiction wrote to prompts. It contains ten prompts.


Prompts Submitted by
Autumn, Hufflepuff Chorus, Learning to do something allie_potter
"Little pitchers have big ears" VegaBlack62
Justin, Cedric, the Fat Friar allie_potter
"All the colors of hell" duck_or_rabbit
Neville/Hannah, Draco, broomstick VegaBlack62
Harry, Cactus, iambic pentameter ceredwensirius

Minister of Magic Fudge talking to Percy Weasley. Must consist of 26 sentences, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet

Colin Creevey, what could have been


Colin Creevey "Will some cold woman in this desert land make me feel like a real man?" -Young Lust, by Pink Floyd

An Unspeakable of the Oscar Wilde Variety, Madame Rosmerta, Justin allie_potter